Monday, July 27, 2015

E-175: Eat It All

Random Vegas
The Fountains of Bellagio has 1,203 water shooting nozzles. 798 mini shooters that shot water as high as 100 feet, 213 Oarsman shoot water up to 70 feet and 192 hyper-shooters shoot water up to 240 feet (book Fountains of Bellagio)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Cody’s July 19th review of Todd English Pub @Aria - 4/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

I’ve never spent much time north strip.  Properties beyond TI just never enticed me enough to make the journey beyond just checking the place out.  Like many of you I have fond memories of the Stardust and a soft spot for Riviera but not enough to visit them for extended periods of time let alone spend the night at.  So this week’s winner by @TonyIllia is somewhat foreign to me and in truth, doesn’t exist anymore.  In fact, only two of the properties still exist and neither as their former selves, those being Sahara and the Hilton.  The picture is a black and white shot of North strip in 1976, according to the Stardust Lido marquee.  And if that is accurate, that means that Howard Hughes is still living on the top floor of the Desert Inn, depending on when the picture was taken.  Looking at this picture is kind of like looking at a picture of your grandparents wedding pictures.  Visions of people you know so well but can barley recognize in that incarnation.  While I have no emotional connection to the area in the photograph, I enjoy it as a snapshot of a time long gone in Vegas history.  Without the past we wouldn’t have the present.