Tuesday, February 23, 2016

E-190: Friend Filter

Random Vegas
A single rotation of the high roller observation wheel takes 30 minutes.  It rotates even as riders get on and off (vital vegas)

Twitpic of the week

History gets me hard, if that hasn’t been made abundantly clear in the nearly 5 years we have existed as a show.  Throw in photographical documentation of Vegas history, specifically it’s evolution, and you are talking about the inspirational ingredients of a Twitpic monolog.  In a world where even the French don’t like the French, a dream came to the magic makers in Las Vegas, save people from having to tolerate the insufferable and bring the best of Paris to Vegas.  Then just to avoid confusion, they went with simplicity and name it Paris, Las Vegas.  That way, the large majority of idiots that come to Vegas and pay $500 for a $60 bottle of booze in hopes that the illusion of wealth might encourage someone to actually have sex with them didn’t misunderstand that this was the actual Paris France.  Thank you dream weavers @ParisVegas for sharing the birth of your stupidity vigilance and French exposure prevention.