Saturday, August 26, 2017

E-241: I Don't Know Margo!

Random Vegas
Similar to the legislative requirement that a casino must be open for a period of time every two years to maintain its gaming license, strip clubs are required to do something similar.  Every month, they must be open for 8 hours, with security, a dancer with a work card and a manager with a sexually oriented business license present. (

Twitpic of the week

What’s better than a picture of old Fremont St neon at night? Old Fremont St neon at night after it rains. Is there anyway the people who created neon signage knew how epic they would look at night reflecting off of the wet pavement?  As a fan of the Fremont St Experience and of classic Downtown Vegas without the canopy, I’ll continue to advocate for the installation of a retractable roof so both experiences can be enjoyed. I fear no matter famous I am or will continue to become, I will not get to experience this glorious sight in my lifetime. So I submit to you, carry on my legacy, pass it along to your children, never give up the fight to convert the Fremont St Experience in to the 360 Vegas Fremont St Experience. In lue of that, a statue of me will also be an acceptable tribute. Thanks @summacorp for sharing a picture that served to encourage this behavior.