Sunday, January 19, 2020

E-323: Straight Godfather

Random Vegas

Starwood Resorts once owned Caesars Palace before selling to Park Place Entertainment, aka Hilton, and also owned the Desert Inn before selling to Steve Wynn. In 5 years, the value of the land they sold would increase 2,000 percent. (Vintage Research)

Twitpic of the Week

A single tear rolls down the cheek of those who fondly recall Las Vegas first Landmark, no pun intended. @classiclasvegas’s picture this week, somehow encapsulates what those that have an affinity for this property did and/or do whenever they see a picture of the Landmark, gaze up in fascination at the structure and that pod at the top. Sadly, gambling only existed for a few years at the top of the structure. The space was eventually redesigned into suites for high rollers. That said, I would have happily forked over whatever amount of disposable income required to live in that space for a period of time. That said, if anyone is aware of a way to travel back in time, if only to Las Vegas, I’d also happily pay whatever amount the Dunes would have liked for a room right next to that turret marquee as well, just so I could just stare at it for hours. Also, I’d take any room on the Fremont facing side of the 4 Queens, that face the Mint, so I could do the same thing to that sign. Also, there is a chance the experience would be so cool that it causes one to become catatonic. Totally worth it.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

PCP - Evolution of Vegas E-1: El Rancho

PCP - Patreon Content Preview

The "Evolution of Vegas" is a companion series to our 360 Vintage Vegas podcasts. They take advantage of the documentary format we use to tell our Vintage segments and bring the stories to life via actual photos and video from the time. While the Vintage Vegas podcasts tell the story of this evolution, they don't tell the story in chronological order. That is exactly how we will present the

Evolution of Vegas series.

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

E-322: An Uncomfortable Conversation

Random Vegas
Glass installation at Circa has begun! To mark that occasion, Vital Vegas shared a few project factoids. Since construction began on Oct 3rd of 2019, Circa has been building a floor per week.  While the announced plan for the project is 777, Circa will actually open with 500 rooms and 71 suites.  Demand will determine if the remaining rooms will be turned into suites or some version of a standard room. Lastly, while there are loads of other information shared in the article, the item that caught our attention is the potential future home of Vegas Vicki, INSIDE Circa, featured in the lobby, so large that she will be situation in the middle of a hole in the ceiling to give her room to fit over two stories. 
Twitpic of the week

Come...the fuck...on.  How cool did Caesars Palace used to look?  Of course, why the fuck this made Jay Sarno think of ancient Rome, who knows?  The renovated look better supports the overall theme and is clearly an improvement. All that being said, this is kind of what date night looks like in Las Vegas...wicked cool.  Maybe not like the old school Caesars Porte Cashere shared by @classiclasvegas but you get the point.  That feeling you get looking at this feels like that for locals when actually doing it.  So haters, line up, and make sure your insults are succinct...and speak up, cause it’s hard to hear you standing this close to old school neon.

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Sunday, January 5, 2020

E-321: Lake Charles Water Spout

Random Vegas
Sahara has turned the Monkey Bar, formerly at SLS, into the Tangiers, a nod to both the former name of one of Sahara’s hotel towers and the name of the fictional casino in the Martin Scorsese film “Casino”.  Although to be fair, the hotel tower had the name before it was used in the film (@VitalVegas and my big Vegas brain)
Twitpic of the week

I’ll be honest...Vegas isn’t the same now that I live here.  That desperation to savor every moment and make sure its memorable enough for you to survive off of until your next opportunity to catch a neon fix, is no longer there.  The large amounts of pictures, chips/cards/dices/pens/room keys/notepads/plastic cups/branded napkins...are no longer coveted.  That’s all gone now.  Now, we can just go out and enjoy these things whenever we’d like.  Had a shitty day, let’s go to Cosmopolitan, play multiline video poker at the Chandelier while Keren plays Gems before grabbing some Secret Pizza.  Or should I get Hatti B’s?  Had a great day?  Let’s celebrate.  I’ll get reservations at Heritage steak and tickets to Beatles LOVE at the Mirage.  Oh, is a band touring?  We’ll have to keep an eye out for when they come to Vegas…because everyone comes to Vegas.  Bragging aside, we finally live in a place that feels like home AND serves as a beacon, to the coolest people, in existence, on this planet, per our own, independent study.  Thanks again to @MaverickHeli for reminding us how much better we are than all of you.

360 Vegas Vacation 10 (#360VVX)

Saturday, January 4, 2020

PCP - 360 POV: Casino E-8

In this installment, we continue our analysis of Martin Scorsese's movie Casino by analyzing the scenes showcaseing Andy's Warning to Ace and the view of Fremont St from the restaurant at Plaza.