Tuesday, July 14, 2015

E-173: Slash vs. Gash

Random Vegas
EDC 2015 Stats: 1,426 medical calls, 219 people ejected, 75 arrests, 1 death in 3 days and none of them can be attributed to 360 Vegas Vacation 2 (@lasvegassun)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Anonymous’ 7/5/15 review of Luxor – 4/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

Manzed! @MeltzVegas got his ass Manzed.  After a barrage of Twitpic of the week candidates it only took one from @VegasFanboy to Manze him and take the Twitpic of the week with a photo of Binion’s classic, while technically somewhat new, cursive light bulb exterior signage with a truly classic, gorgeous neon backdrop.  I have no idea why and I’d love to see the market research on, why flashing light bulbs and cascading neon is so appealing but the fact is, it is.  This is a great representation of simplicity at its most effective and I’m thrilled to add it to our collection of the greatest photographic representations of Las Vegas.


Coming Attractions

TheBacon Brothers - 8/1-2   MelissaEtheridge - 8/7   DennisMiller - 8/7-8
Pitbull - 9/23-10-7   Motley Crue - 12/27   Aerosmith with Living Colour - 8/1
Drake  - 9/6   Route 91 Harvest Festival - 10/2-4