Tuesday, May 26, 2015

E-169: Strippers in Transit

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Random Vegas
Slot machinges weigh approximately 275 pounds. (vegaschatter.com)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Timm’s May 21st review of BRAND steakhouse @Monte Carlo – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

It was possibly one of the worst mistakes in the history of Las Vegas.  Even Boyd gaming, the company that made said mistake would have a hard time arguing with us.  Caught up in the high end Viagra Steve Wynn mickey'd into everyone’s drink, a legend was destroyed.  A solid low-mid to hi-low property that was more than either of those descriptions.  This was the fuckin Stardust and while it didn’t look nearly as cool as the picture @summacorp shared to inspire this monologue and win Twitpic of the week, it was still one of Boyd’s top performers and it’s only presence on the strip. Considering what Steve Wynn has done for Las Vegas, he can be forgiven for influencing the stupid.  However, filated by the promise of high end revenues by analyst short on talent, Boyd decided to destroy a legend in a misguided attempt to get a piece of that high priced pussy, a move that should have cost everyone involved’s job or at least their reputation for any ability to gauge the gaming market.  In the shadow of the Stardust, Resorts World and their Asian theme look to take up residency and we hope they make a quality run of it.  However nothing, not even Encore Jr or whatever elitists bullshit Steve Wynn comes up with next, will ever be the fuckin Stardust.  Thanks @summarcorp for reminding us.


Coming Attractions

The Kids in the Hall - 6/5   Eddie Izzard - 6/12-13
Kenny Chesney - 7/3-4