Monday, May 30, 2016

E-200: 360 Vegas Vacation 3 Trip Report

360 Vegas Vacation 3 Summer 2016

Random Vegas
Bliss Dance at MGM’s The Park complex is 40 feet tall and weighs 7500 lbs (@MGMResortsIntl).  While she does light up at night, the internal LED lights she was built with are not being used.  She’s lit up by external color lighting.

Twitpic of the Trip

It’s fitting that the art center piece of The Park in Vegas is a 40 foot tall nude women.  Never has metal mesh looked so sexy.  The twitpic of the trip captured her sultry movement with the Monte Carlo, as she is currently known as, as a back drop.  While she is large, the angle we found gave her the impression that she could be almost as large as the hotel itself.  Prediction time, if MGM still owns the name “THE Hotel” formerly at Mandalay Bay, now Delano's, Monte Carlos new name will be “THE Hotel at the Park”.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

360 Vegas Review: Tilted Kilt @Linq Promenade Spring 2014

It should be the most embarrassing example of how simple-minded the male sex is.  Beer, simple food and scantily clad women serving you is a sure fire way to be a successful bar/restaurant.  It’s like one stop shop for the male id.

Luckily the concept has evolved over the years and improved in just about every way from the Hooters model.  Uniforms have moved on from orange spandex to plaid school girl skirts and tiny mountain gear.  But ever better than that, the food has improved and a concept as simple as offering lots of variety in the beer offerings have found their way into the tits and ass and food and booze game.

Tilted kilt is one of the later.  TheIr latest incarnation in Vegas can be found in the Linq Promenade and while they don’t offer outdoor seating, the space takes advantage of the atmosphere in Linq with open air seating and a bar located right by those windows. A more intimate experience can be had on the second floor for those who desire it.

Rating (1-5)

Keren - 3/5
Mark - 3.5/5

Saturday, May 14, 2016

360 Vegas Review: Pizza Rock @Downtown Grand Spring

Pizza. Many people will tell you there is no such thing as bad pizza. There are clearly varying degrees of quality be even the worst pizza is still pizza. While some strive to create the best pizza you've ever had, others look to reinvent the culinary medium and blow your fuckin mind. Pizza rock is the latter.  

At first glance, the menu can be concerning, especially for the picky eaters among us.  Balsamic reduction? Sautéed Pear? Quail Hollow Farm Honey?  What the fuck are you doing to pizza!  Good things, I assure you.  Very good things.

Need some reassurance?  They also have the classic New York slice with the standards, a slice that rivals Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan.  Pizza Rock isn’t just the best pizza place off Fremont St, it’s one of the best places to eat in Vegas.


Mark, Keren & Alistair - 5/5

Sunday, May 8, 2016

E-199: 1:29

Random Vegas
Despite having more than double the rooms of any other property in the Fremont St area, Golden Nugget has the 4th smallest casino downtown and 9th smallest of all casinos we cover on this show at 38,000 square feet.  The only properties will smaller casinos are Golden Gate, Silver Sevens, Hooters, Fremont, Hard Rock, Main St Station, Westin Causarina and Casino Royale, in that order. (Independent Research)

Twitpic of the week

Never in her history has she looked so vibrant and colorful, not even in Legoland.  But who cares.  The world can be drab enough, why not add a splash of color, especially to one of the properties most in need of it.  @LVGully wins this week for a quality photograph and the skill to capture a view I’m sure I’ve seen near 100 times and yet have never seen it so stunning in picture.  Bally’s is the awkward girl in high school that you only need to spend some time inside to find out she was one of the cooler chicks you've ever met.  Cheers to the hot ones who don’t know how hot they are, the only way dudes like me had a shot.