Saturday, July 13, 2024

E-494: Driverless DUI

 Random Vegas 

YESCO replaced more than six miles of neon lighting with RGB LED strips on Mandalay Bay and Delano (Vital Vegas). 

TwitPic of the week 

I was never a fan of the property, but damn did they have a nice marquee.  The Frontier marquee, born in 1966 and shared by @_GrandPaD with an assist from @summacorp, was designed by Ad Art. It was at one time the tallest super pylon in the world at 184 feet, 4 feet taller than the previous record holder the Dunes.  Originally the “F” at the top of the sign rotated but that functionality was troublesome and eventually abandoned.  Unlike the Dunes I was fortunate enough to have seen her in real life and to be fair, pictures don’t do it justice.  Not like being in its presence.  I’m grateful for that time and for this picture for inspiring not only this monologue but the memories. 

Sunday, July 7, 2024

E-493: 360VV14

 Random Vegas

Vegas has the 3 largest video screens in the world. Sphere @Venetian at 580,000 square feet (515 long by 367 width), Resorts World at 161,636 square feet (475 long by 340 width), Viva Vision Screen at the Fremont St Experience at 130,000 square feet (1,500 long by 90 width).

TwitPic of the trip

Technically this was before360VV14started but according to the rules I’ve made up in my head, it counts. This was a unique point of view of a common visual of the tallest building in Vegas. Fontainebleau, the property that continues to disappoint is showcased here looming over one as they attempt to enjoy the pool. Fortunately it doesn’t cause a shadow but it does hulk over the strip as a cautionary tale. It isn’t as easy as field of dreams. You need to do more than just build it to get people to come. Regardless, its an attractive building as showcased in this week’s picture.

360VV14 Trip Report

Sunday, June 23

- 6 pm - Meet & Greet @Furnace @Downtown Grand

- 8 pm - Group Gaming @Downtown Grand


Monday, June 24

- 1 pm - Flight Club @Palazzo RSVP$ required ($90 per person for 3 hours, includes the cost to play and all you can drink well booze & domestic beer)

-  6 pm - 360 Family Meet and Greet, @Alto @Caesars Palace

    - Pennys4Vegas 

    - Stripwalking

    - Vegas Confessions

    - VegasNearMe

    - You Can Bet On That



Tuesday, June 25

- 8 am - 360 Vegas Exercise Experience w/@RaisingLasVegas RSVP

- Noon - Cocktails @Flamingo suite RSVP$ required ($70 per person)

- 3 pm - Group Gaming @Flamingo