Saturday, October 30, 2021

E-380: Yu So Shellfish

Random Vegas

98% of MGM Resorts salaried employees got the covid vaccine by the Oct 15th deadline.  Only 90 employees nationwide decided to quit due to the mandate. (@LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

I love this picture but it isn’t inspiring monolog.  I think the only thing I miss at today’s Cromwell is Barbary Coasts exterior neon.  But I can’t lament about it when you consider what significant renovations did to it.  It’s definitely better off.  It may have remarkably more douches in it but for the most part they’re standing in line to get to the pool.  Hey, what do you know, the picture by @Las_when did inspire a monolog?


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Saturday, October 16, 2021

E-379: Coincidence Realization

Random Vegas

In 1971, the Silver Slipper became the first property on the strip to hire female dealers. ( 


Twitpic of the week 

Before the giant rainbow signage we previously remember Fitzgeralds having, there was a sign that is remarkably similar to the sign it has today at The D.  I’m in no way insinuating that this sign inspired its current incarnation but in earnest.  This week’s picture from @VitalVegas is what caused this coincidence realization.  Gotta love those huge old sandwich board signs. 


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Saturday, October 2, 2021

E-378: Apropospriate

Random Vegas
  • In July of 59, the New Frontier was the only casino in town who let their dealers grow mustaches, a fad at the time.  The property said they did it for two reasons 
    • One, it made them look like gamblers 
    • Two, they looked different from any other dealers in town   

Twitpic of the week 

He’s iconic.  Only Vegas could make a cowboy stay relevant by outlining him in neon.  Seeing Vegas Vicki resurrected at Circa to her original operating self only wets the pallet for Vic to return to motion.  However that is probably only slightly less likely than the Fremont Street Experience canopy being removed.  Regardless, this week we celebrate Vic via @las_vegas in all his neon glory. 


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