About us

The 360 Vegas Podcast is one of the most popular weekly podcasts about Las Vegas in the world.  If it's happening on the Strip or Fremont St and we find it interesting, its covered on the show.  Specifically, we report on what happened over the last week in Vegas, food, dining, shows, deals and even what touring artists are coming to Vegas venues in the future.  

Creator, producer, writer, host and pretty much any title you can think of affiliated with running a multimedia outlet, Mark Wojtowicz is the man behind it all.  If you hear it on the show, Mark has had his hands on it before it's available for listener consumption.  With the help of his multiple co-hosts, the 360 Vegas Podcast was born as an excuse for friends to get together once a week and to try make each other laugh in between trips to Vegas.

Not only has the show had multiple guest co-hosts join Mark, the show has inspired many to contribute to making the 360 Vegas Podcast the most complete Vegas show available.  Our River segment is a weekly addition to the show that covers various aspects specific to the city.  

Ante Up is a segment where our man down under shares his vast knowledge of casino gambling covering everything from how to play, myths, history and more.  Legal Lounge is a segment our friends from the Vice Lounge Online podcast share with us the laws of gambling and the court cases that shaped them.  Moneyline exploits hosts Chris and Seth's love and knowledge of sports gambling for the listeners amusement.  Vegas Oasis shares, and kind of rubs it in, what it's like to reside in southern California and play in Vegas on the weekends.  Finally, Slots is how we partner with manufactures to share not only the newest games available but how to play them.

Lastly, we offer the Bonus Round.  This is an additional show, separate from the weekly offering that explores all things Vegas in greater detail.  Much like the bonus game in a slot machine, listeners never know when they are going to get one as they are released randomly each month.  The bonus round can be a variety of entertaining options.  

Vintage Vegas is our chance to share Vegas history, specifically the people, properties and events that helped shape the city into the greatest place on earth.  360 Reviews gives Mark and his wife Keren the chance to try various things in Vegas and share the experience with the listeners.  Vicarious Vegas is the retelling of our misadventures in the city.

Not only does the 360 Vegas Podcast celebrate the city, it celebrates those that love it.  Each week, we scour twitter to find our favorite pictures and nominate them for the shows "Twitpic of the Week".  The photo chosen as the winner gets a monologue written sharing why it won.  Then it is linked to all our social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Flickr and our blog.

The success of the show spawned the desire to have an annual listener meet up.  We call it 360 Vegas Vacation.  People from all over the world attend our multi-day event.  The various events we plan for our listeners are specifically chosen by our hosts to showcase what they consider to be the best in Vegas and deserve our listeners attention.  Staples you'll find in every vacation will be a limo ride around the strip before bringing us down to Fremont St for a night, bar lounge meet and greets, group dining, group gaming and slot races.

Slot races is a concept one of our listeners shared with us that has caught fire with our listeners.  The concept is simple.  You find some mechanical reel slots with working hammers.  Everyone buys in for set amount.  When we say go, listeners hit the bet 1 button 3 times and pull the hammer.  This continues until someone loses all their buy in.  Then everyone else cashes out and gives what they didn't lose to the winner, or the first loser.  It's a great time that always draws a crowd in any casino we play it in.

360 Vegas Podcast is truly the most complete podcast about Las Vegas available.  The success of our show has resulted in the respect and support of the who's who of Vegas' new media.  Access Vegas, a newsletter covering the city with an audience of over 250,000, frequently sponsors segments on the show.  Five Hundy by Midnight Podcast, freelance journalist & former fellow Vegas podcaster Steve Friess, director of the center for gaming research at UNLV Dr. Dave Schwartz and many more have publicly supported the show.


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