Saturday, August 6, 2022

E-411: JFK Blown Away

 Random Vegas

Judges in Nevada have the power to ban someone for up to a year from the strip corridor.  It’s a punishment primarily used against convicted drug charges and prostituting

Twitpic of the week

Not a picture you would normally expect to see win Twitpic of the week but this photo from @pennys4vegasshows a view that is all to common to the Vegas frequenter, air conditioning units on roof tops.  In some cases we get glimpses of Vegas in the view but often you don’t.  But it still feels like Vegas, almost regardless of you room view.  Here we are treated to the warm neon glow of Walgreens, Hennessy’s tavern and slotzilla.  Now you tell me you don’t see those things and think, damn. How much longer to my next Vegas visit?    


Saturday, July 30, 2022

E-410: Monsoonal

 Random Vegas

A study found gamblers who follow responsible gaming codes of conduct contribute just 4% of gambling revenues (@vital Vegas via “addiction by design” by Natasha Down Schul)

Twitpic of the weeks

It’s really just the same view as last week, just tweeted at a different angle.  Kind of like a mirror image.  And yet, that was all that was needed to come up with this monologue. @maverickheli shares a view of what is coming to be considered mid-strip properties. These monstrously sized properties somehow magically reduced to miniatures will forever capture my imagination. Did anyone have, or currently have one of those huge train set that winds through a community.  I never did but the scale just enchants me.  If Vegas was an option to build I think I might dedicate a room in my home for it.  An idea almost certain to be vetoed by Mrs. 360 Vegas