Monday, July 6, 2015

360 Vegas Review: The View & Moon @Palms Fall 2013

Palms invented the Vegas nightclub.  Posh, over-the-top environments where the beautiful people congregate to see and be seen.  Many mocked the financial viability of creating a diversion that keeps people from gambling for extended periods of time.  Not only did Maloof prove them wrong, he did it so well, it drew people away from the strip at night. Now, nightclubs are one of the most profitable amenities Vegas properties offer.

Eventually, as happens so many times in Vegas, the idea was replicated all over the strip and is now another Vegas staple.  They’ve become so popular that it gave birth to the idea of day clubs.  Despite breathtaking views of the strip from the top of their towers, Palms are no longer a major player in the game they invented.  That brings us to the present

The clubs that once caused long lines nightly, advertising exclusivity have become displaced in the market.  Retheming and renovations are underway in an attempt to return to glory but his has them in a period of transition.  The Playboy club has now been transformed into the View, A place where people can relax, play some pool and enjoy a drink as well as the view from atop their fantasy tower.  Now that Ghostbar’s renovations are complete, Moon is closed so she can undergo the same changes, having lived the shortest life span of the nightclubs at the property.  The odds are long that Palms will be able to reclaim their thrown as nightlife lords but then again, the same was said about those clubs ever being successful in the first place so they are trying.  Only time will tell if they are successful.