Sunday, June 29, 2014

E-138: Collars Up Boys

Random Vegas
Fremont Street was closed to auto traffic in 1994 and has been ever since. (@POVblog)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
King_Ryan’s June 25th Review of Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House @MGM Grand – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

Once again we had to deal with the best problem to have when it comes to this segment and that is having too many good pictures to pic from.  3 times this week, I saw a picture that I thought couldn’t be beat only to find another.  What eventually won out was history and the documentation of it.  This week’s winner goes to @VegasChatter for a picture of the Harmon tower at City Center with the majority of the glass removed from it’s southern facing exterior.  We’ve seen lots of buildings being built, destroyed & even imploded but this is the first time the strip has been able to enjoy the deconstruction process.  While work like this is often done to prepare a building for implosion, the really interesting part will be the next phase, watching the structure slowly comedown.  I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not but the bright blues of the Harmon’s glass are a stunning contrast to grey’s and silver’s around her in the Cosmopolitan, the Crystals and even the sky.  It’s ironic that the only thing that looks alive in the picture is the thing that is slowly dying right in front of you.  It’s hard to get nostalgic about something that never opened but the Harmon has stood as a monument to the overbuilding of Vegas for several years.  While it will be sad to see her go it will be exciting to see what MGM has planned for the area once she’s gone.