Monday, October 31, 2016

E-216: Kitten Bandy

Random Vegas
Last week I complained about the size of the new Park Theater at Monte Carlo, seating 5,300. While I knew I was correct that it is the largest of the “small venues” in the city, I was off on the size of the venues I used to compare. Axis Theater has a max capacity of 4,600, the Colosseum is 4,298 but I oversold Encore, it only seats 1,500.

Twitpic of the week

Sunrises and sunsets can suck it.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more magical, and dare I say romantic, than seeing the reflection of neon signage in water; a sight that can even challenge Richard Dawkins on the concept of paradise.  This environmental phenomenon in the desert offers one the rare opportunity to make out with Vegas signage without actually violating private property.  Thank you @VitalVegas for making the hardest decision regarding Twitpic of the week be deciding which of your pictures should win. We chose Mermaids so we now have pictures of her at day and night.


Billion Dollar Babies