Saturday, May 21, 2022

E-403: Return of the Mark

 Random Vegas

Kind of Vegas related, it was reported that earlier this month, the Oakland A’s played a home game in front of 2,488 fans in a stadium that seats 56,782.  The Las Vegas Aviators minor league baseball team averages around 6,800 fans per game (LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

No matter what you think about Caesars Palace its undeniable that it’s a Vegas icon.  True it’s a discombobulated maze cobbled together over years of expansion and renovation, but from the beginning, it drew the masses eager to feel like a Caesar.  Sarno blocks evolved into more appropriately accurate roman architecture, enhancing the theme.  Today, Caesars is a behemoth in the market, attracting high and low rollers alike, lets never forget is origins, show cased here by @_GrandPaD of the property in 1981, visually stunning