Saturday, May 7, 2022

E-401: Inferiation

 Random Vegas

The first Vegas resort to have topless showgirls was The Dunes. (@  POVblog)

Twitpic of the week

A single, solitary sultan, standing astride on top of a roof, hands on hips, somehow intimating that he has a large cock.  That last part may be my own inferiation but lets not open that can of worms or acknowledge the fact that I may have just made up a word.  Regardless, this marquee was a bad ass monument to a remarkable gambling den.  The Dunes would later replace said sultan with the iconic turret sign.  The sultan was then relocated to the golf course on property, near the freeway exit until it had an electrical fire destroy it beyond repair.  Which is a shame.  How cool would the sultan be at the Neon Museum.  We, we can only daydream about what could have been.  Thanks to @summacorp for sharing a picture that inspired a monologue.