Sunday, January 19, 2020

E-323: Straight Godfather

Random Vegas

Starwood Resorts once owned Caesars Palace before selling to Park Place Entertainment, aka Hilton, and also owned the Desert Inn before selling to Steve Wynn. In 5 years, the value of the land they sold would increase 2,000 percent. (Vintage Research)

Twitpic of the Week

A single tear rolls down the cheek of those who fondly recall Las Vegas first Landmark, no pun intended. @classiclasvegas’s picture this week, somehow encapsulates what those that have an affinity for this property did and/or do whenever they see a picture of the Landmark, gaze up in fascination at the structure and that pod at the top. Sadly, gambling only existed for a few years at the top of the structure. The space was eventually redesigned into suites for high rollers. That said, I would have happily forked over whatever amount of disposable income required to live in that space for a period of time. That said, if anyone is aware of a way to travel back in time, if only to Las Vegas, I’d also happily pay whatever amount the Dunes would have liked for a room right next to that turret marquee as well, just so I could just stare at it for hours. Also, I’d take any room on the Fremont facing side of the 4 Queens, that face the Mint, so I could do the same thing to that sign. Also, there is a chance the experience would be so cool that it causes one to become catatonic. Totally worth it.