Saturday, June 10, 2017

E-233: 360 Vegas Vacation 4 Trip Report Summer 2017

Random Vegas
In 1994, a five-block section of Fremont St was closed to automobile traffic so a pedestrian walkway with a 90 foot tall, 1,400 foot long canopy could be built to attract people to downtown Las Vegas.  With 12.5 million LEDs and 208 speakers capable of 550,000 watts of sound used for nightly light and sound shows, it would become known as The Fremont Street Experience (

Twitpic of the Trip

While there were several photos to choose a winner from, the image that would win Twitpic of the Trip was never in question, from the moment I saw it. We are going to have a few 1st on this one.  For the 1st time in 360 Vegas history, the Twitpic of the week isn’t a photo taken by a person, it’s a collage of pictures from 8 people, Julie Moore aka @japluto09, Michael Movestro aka @VegasBrightSite, Del Reed aka @NeonVacation, Alastair Greenwood aka @Bluestorm2000, Shawn DeWitt aka @sdewitt70, Andrew, Corrington aka @agcorrington, Steven Christian aka @StevenGoPackGo, Myself and even thought he didn’t contribute a photo the collection, he’s the man who made it all possible, my brother Scott Roeben aka @VitalVegas.  Also for the first time, I’m not watermarking them with the winners twitter handles.  First of, you’ll all kind of infringing on my brand logo so you’re lucky you aren’t receiving a cease and desist from my lawyers but truthfully, because this one is for me.  There aren’t words to adequately describe what the picture makes me fell, so I won’t try.

#360VV4 Trip Report

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