Saturday, June 17, 2017

E-234: MIArk #360VV4

Random Vegas
The last casino Moe Dalitz opened in Vegas was the SunDance on Fremont, which later became Fitzgerald’s and is currently known as the D.

Twitpic of the Week

When I developed the plan for this show there were many things I wanted to accomplish with it and even a few things I hoped it would aspire to become.  However some of the coolest things that have happened as a result are things I could have never imagined.  First and foremost would have to be the people we’ve meet and the life long friendships we’ve developed.  Friendships that apparently like to share their appreciation for what we do by creating mind blowing art via posing nude in front of a breath taking views of Las Vegas.  This week’s winner, taken by @ChrisMoore28 of his wife @Japluto09, is another contribution to the #realfansposenude movement and once again, creates the same conundrum as before.  Taken from a Cosmopolitan balcony, the internal struggle continues for the eye and mind; namely, where do I look?  Do I look at the hot nude women front and center in the photograph or look past it to enjoy the awe inspiring view of Las Vegas.  The good news is, no matter your choice, you can’t lose.  A surprising revelation, you would think it would be awkward seeing friends after seeing them nude in a photograph specifically taken to pay tribute to this show but nope, not at all.  Just kind of like, “Hey, I’ve seen you nude, that’s awesome.”  In all seriousness, an absolutely amazing picture.

360 Vegas Vacation 4 - What Happened