Saturday, October 1, 2016

360 Vegas Review: Jean George Steakhouse @Aria Summer 2014

Is there anything more rewarding that a great steak dinner?  Of course I can't speak for the whole world but there is something very American about steak. It seems to embody what it feels like to be successful.  Like a beer at the end of hard days work, steak is how you cap off a special occasion and steak makes an occasion special.

So you agree, steak is great; but have you ever had a steak in Vegas?  Vegas steaks make the exceptional ordinary and boring, actually disappointing.  We’ve actually described a steak as “good I wasn’t eating it in Vegas”.  Vegas offers steaks like you didn’t know it could taste in dining environments that actually somehow compliment the dining and elevate the experience.  If you can only do it once in your life, do your homework, pick wisely and treat yourself.

Rating (1-5)

Keren - 2.5/5
Mark - 2/5