Saturday, September 24, 2016

E-213: Observive

Random Vegas
Michael Mina’s PUB 1842 in MGM Grand is 1842 miles west of Bourbon County Kentucky (@pub1842)

Twitpic of the week

Poetry.  It’s not just something Goth and overly sensitive Emo kids like myself write in high school to explore their adolescent feelings and question their sexuality.  Poetry can be defined as a quality of beauty and intensity of emotion, created via audio and image; and in this case, photography.  This week @_Lucky45 shared a picture of the Vegas strip at sunrise, possibly the sexiest the strip looks when it isn’t lit up in neon and LED or used as a backdrop for a remarkable hot nude women demonstrating her allegiance to a foul mouthed idiot and his friends.  It’s a shame that most of us only ever see this time of day when we are finally calling it a night but with all there is to do in Vegas, some things have to be missed to experience the majesty of others.