Sunday, May 8, 2016

E-199: 1:29

Random Vegas
Despite having more than double the rooms of any other property in the Fremont St area, Golden Nugget has the 4th smallest casino downtown and 9th smallest of all casinos we cover on this show at 38,000 square feet.  The only properties will smaller casinos are Golden Gate, Silver Sevens, Hooters, Fremont, Hard Rock, Main St Station, Westin Causarina and Casino Royale, in that order. (Independent Research)

Twitpic of the week

Never in her history has she looked so vibrant and colorful, not even in Legoland.  But who cares.  The world can be drab enough, why not add a splash of color, especially to one of the properties most in need of it.  @LVGully wins this week for a quality photograph and the skill to capture a view I’m sure I’ve seen near 100 times and yet have never seen it so stunning in picture.  Bally’s is the awkward girl in high school that you only need to spend some time inside to find out she was one of the cooler chicks you've ever met.  Cheers to the hot ones who don’t know how hot they are, the only way dudes like me had a shot.