Monday, May 30, 2016

E-200: 360 Vegas Vacation 3 Trip Report

360 Vegas Vacation 3 Summer 2016

Random Vegas
Bliss Dance at MGM’s The Park complex is 40 feet tall and weighs 7500 lbs (@MGMResortsIntl).  While she does light up at night, the internal LED lights she was built with are not being used.  She’s lit up by external color lighting.

Twitpic of the Trip

It’s fitting that the art center piece of The Park in Vegas is a 40 foot tall nude women.  Never has metal mesh looked so sexy.  The twitpic of the trip captured her sultry movement with the Monte Carlo, as she is currently known as, as a back drop.  While she is large, the angle we found gave her the impression that she could be almost as large as the hotel itself.  Prediction time, if MGM still owns the name “THE Hotel” formerly at Mandalay Bay, now Delano's, Monte Carlos new name will be “THE Hotel at the Park”.

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