Saturday, May 9, 2015

360 Vegas Review: KGB @Harrah's Fall 2013

Illinois native Kerry Simon made a name for himself as the executive chef at the landmark Plaza Hotel in New York.  Two years into the job, Rolling Stone named him the “Rock n Roll Chef” as well as one of the top personalities in 1991.

Continuing to grow his fame, he’s made appears both as a challenger and a judge on Iron Chef as well as Hell’s Kitchen.  In 2002, Kerry entered the Las Vegas market when he opened Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock.  That establishment was listed as one of America’s best new restaurants by Esquire magazine.   His footprint in the market has grown since then

Considering that the one time he won as a challenger on Iron Chef was the hamburger challenge, it only made sense that this first restaurant on the Vegas strip would be a burger joint.  In 2010, Kerry opened Kerry’s Gourmet Burger, or KGB, at Harrah’s. As one would expect with the name, the theme of the place is Russian. The space and d├ęcor is set to look like you would imagine Russia looks like, at least the American idea of what Russia looks like.

Vegas Mate Rating3/5 chips

Mark - 5/5 chips

Keren - 4/5 chips