Saturday, April 4, 2015

360 Vegas Review: Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino Fall 2013

Located somewhere between luxury and value, Monte Carlo is a property with an identity issue.  Originally conceived as another Vegas themed resort, this one paying homage to her namesake in Europe, Monte Carlo offers the less affluent a chance to experience and enjoy luxury.  However the properties theme does not accurately reflect her energy.

The properties classic architecture can be enjoyed by the pool via the lazy river.  Beautiful chandeliers and stained glass ceilings resided over low to mid-limit gaming tables and fine dining can be enjoyed 50 feet away from a fast food court.  The Monte Carlo concept is almost the definition of an oxymoron, but in a good way.

Monte Carlo is fun.  It isn’t the kind of place you think of in “must do” or “you have to try” conversations.  It isn’t a destination nor does it offer anything exceptionally unique, its just fun.  Monte Carlo is like a well run McDonald’s or any popular fast food chain that offers good food at a good price.  Monte Carlo offers Vegas fun for those that don’t want to stay at Circus Circus the lowest tier properties but can’t afford to stay at the Mirage or Caesars Palace.