Tuesday, March 17, 2015

E-163: Spring 2015 Trip Report

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Random Vegas
April 20th, 1955 – The Riviera Hotel and Casino becomes the 9th casino to open on the strip and it’s first high rise
In 1955, it opened with 300 rooms.  On May 4th 2015, after it’s 60th anniversary, it will close with 2,100

Vegas Mate Review of the Trip
Mark’s 3/8th review of Shake Shack @NYNY – 2/5 chips

Twitpic of the Trip

Location. Evolution. Change.  These are just a few words that Vegas lives by, maybe more than any other place on the planet.  Name one of city in the world that blows up buildings that aren’t condemned.  Having this sort of forward thinking has casualties and its time for us to say goodbye to another piece of history.  Riviera closing on May 4th inspired us to spend sometime at the property this trip and it helped put all things into perspective.  Ask yourself this.  If we still had the Sands instead of the Palazzo/Venetian, or the Castaways instead of the Mirage and TI, or the Dunes instead of Bellagio, would you still love it as much or would it feel like Reno?  Maybe 1 or two of those have a special place in your heart.  I now Dunes does for me but ultimately, it’s the spirit of betterment that has allowed Vegas to continue and even grow as the most popular vacation destination on the planet.  I think @2Vegas said it best this week.  “Forget the run-down casino/hotel, save the Riviera façade”.   While its sad to lose all that living history, it’s what that façade represents that will be lamented most.  Odds are there is nothing that can save that tower unless the neon museum wins the lottery so enjoy it while you can. If you are visiting, take lots of pictures, video and just enjoy it before it’s gone.  The “Twitpic of the trip” celebrates just one of several pictures and videos we captured for our neon spank bank while enjoying her one last time.