Saturday, March 7, 2015

360 Vegas Origins: Bryan's Wedding

No great friendship can exist without great stories to build it upon.  In the 1st awful podcast Bryan and I did, we documented several of those stories.  However in most cases, either the audio is unusable or has been lost to the sands of time. 

During our 1st live show, we talked about how disappointed we were about losing one specific episode because it contained a voicemail documenting us in the midst of our adventure.  It’s the story of what happened the night before Bryan’s wedding.  To our surprise, Bryan informed us he still had that episode’s audio.  While it needed some remastering, we were thrilled to discover it was usable…and I stress usable but not so much that we will be able to throw our signature background casino ambience under it like usual.  So here it is, one of the misadventures and Bryan and Mark

Two quick notes
  1. This is the story that caused me to come up with my ritual of taking a picture of my room number as soon as we check in.
  2. What happened after this amazing weekend is what caused the downward spiral that eventually birthed the 360 Vegas Podcast