Sunday, June 1, 2014

360 Vegas Reviews: Crazy Horse Paris @MGM Grand Fall 2012

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Many consider the opening title sequences of James Bond movies to be some of the sexiest in the history of cinema.  The female form bathed in color, painted, reflected and projected upon. These sequences are provocative without being obscene and erotic without being vulgar.  However, more than 10 years before filming began on the first Bond film, in May of 1951, Crazy Horse Saloon opened in Paris France with a show that gave a theatrical take on sensuality with a mix of Avant garde.

From the beginning, the concept was to celebrate the female body by showcasing it like the work or art it is. This was done by using lighting and shade, then with color and eventually incorporated choreography.  The shows were not a collective narrative but more of a collection of intimate individual vignettes.  As times changes and evolved, so did the show.  It’s focus on theatricality allowed it to continue to stand apart from other shows featuring nudity and remain, if not become regarded more, as performance art.

La Femme opened up a residency at the MGM Grand in June 0f 2001 in a space designed to match nearly every inch of the original Crazy Horse Theatre.  Six years into a popular residency, MGM renamed the show Crazy Horse Paris.  In 2011, MGM began the “Grand Renovation” to their resort, retooling and updating virtually everything in the resort from the rooms to the dining options and entertainment.  In 2012, Crazy Horse Paris became a casualty of the renovation.  Rumors began almost immediately of relocation to another Vegas property, but to day, the show has not reopened.

  • Formerly at the MGM Grand, about a third of the way into the casino if you are entering from the Las Vegas Blvd entrance, in the middle of the casino floor
Run time

  • 90 minutes, 1 intermission
Performance Times
  • 8pm & 10:30pm Wed-Mon's
Ticket Cost
  • $35-90
  • Must be 21 or older
Theatre capacity & configuration
  • 322 seats, burlesque club
  • Drinks
    • Drinks served during the show, inside the theatre
  • Food
    • None Available
  • All of the cast are genuine Parisian females and are all natural.
  • To focus on the show being about the female form, producers intentionally cast women with similar body type, shape, height and breast size.
  • Some modern music, some French language

Mark and Keren Rate - 5/5 chips