Sunday, June 22, 2014

E-137: A Delight to Behold

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Random Vegas
Mark Fuller, the CEO and co-founder of WET design worked for Disney for 5 years and created the leapfrog fountain at EPCOT. Years later, he would design the fountains of Bellagio

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Danny Ocean’s June 17th review of Rose. Rabbit. Lie @Cosmopolitan – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

This week’s winner comes to us from @sal6277 for a picture of Caesars Palace that reinforces why, after all these years; she is still such an icon.  It’s a POV shot of the Augustus down taken from inside the Garden of the Goods pool.  The pictures gives you the feeling that Jay Sarno wanted you to have which is over the top elegance, tower above you and looming over you.  While we’ve said many times we aren’t a fan of the layout as multiple expansion over the years has create the worst casino labyrinth in Vegas, the esthetic is always a delight to behold.  I think Caesars shows that not only is the Vegas theme a good idea, it may give a distinct advantage to a property in regards to staying power.   A tongue and cheek reference to the phrase Live Long and prosper adorns the overhead entrance to the Augustus tower, disguised in Latin lettering.  Or is it simply intended to be a proud proclamation that their theme and resort have done so, while others have fallen around them only to be rebuilt in an attempt to continue to compete with them.


Downtown Grand Regresses

Coming Attractions

Darius Rucker - 10/18   The Molly Ringwalds - 9/12   Aziz Ansari - 10/4
Wolfmother - 7/25   Joe Rogan - 8/29   Al Pacino - 8/16
Kenny Loggins - 7/5-