Sunday, January 12, 2014

E-118: Penetian & Valazzo

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Aria’s Manze marquee has more than 11 million pixels & 4 miles of fiber optic cable (@arialLV)

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This week’s review is “Silenus’ Jan 3rd review of Parasol Up / Down @Wynn – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

This week’s winner is another that preyed on my affection for Vegas and her history, brought to us by @VitalVegas.  It’s a panoramic photo of the demolition of Bally’s moving walkway.  Virtually everything you remember about the space is gone.  The trees, landscaping, fountains and neon are all gone.  Only remnants of the moving walkway are still in the picture.  You can see parts of the dismantled neon tubing that surrounded the moving walkway lying in front of her former entrance which, is almost metaphorically staged to mark the end.  The moving walkway was installed in 1993 as an attempt to increase pedestrian traffic from the strip to the casino.  Most people’s memories of the moving walkway are how it seldom ever worked.  One of the reasons Keren and I like to stay at a property for a week is it encourages us to explore the property and become more familiar with the amenities.  Our stay at Bally’s showed us the paths that were available around the moving walkway and we fell in love with them.  We considered them one of the many hidden in plain sight jems of Las Vegas.  So much so that when they announced that the Grand Bazaar would be replacing it, I made sure to property document the area.  Those interested will be able to enjoy the results of that documentation via YouTube once editing is complete.  Thanks to Vital Vegas for taking this picture and sharing it.  It is very much appreciated.


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Bill Maher - 3/22-23 & Oct 10-11   Fall Out Boy - 8/15