Saturday, March 18, 2023

E-433: Danger Zone

Random Vegas

Treasure Island was originally planned to be an addition to the Mirage before eventually deciding it develop it into a separate property ( 

 Twitpic of the week

“Holy shit, that used to exist” is the first thing I exclaimed the first time I saw this picture of the Riviera’s porte cochere, circa 1969.  With stunning curves and swooping elegance, it stood as a shining example of the art deco playbook at its pinnacle and proves that buildings can be sexy as well as functional.  This is what the place looked like when Dino was part owner as well as headliner.  I’d like to imagine that @_GrandpaD is a vindictive old man who enjoys showing things the rest of us can only be teased by.  Thanks…dick.


360 Vegas Vacation 12

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