Sunday, February 13, 2022

E-391: Counter Surfing

 Random Vegas

49% of Las Vegas workers are at a high risk of being replaced by robots and other forms of automation technology, according to a new study.  Casino dealers have a “probability of automation” of 96% - highest among all professions in the us. (@LasVegasLocally)

Twitpic of the week

The tweet that brought this picture to our attention, originally shared by @Las_when, came from @Vital Vegas.  It said “Caesars Palace kindergarten picture”.  Not only did it make me laugh but it is a pretty accurate statement.  The photo, taken in 1971, shows both the original Roman Tower, built in 1966, as well as the 1 year old Centurion tower.  Other than the parking lot surrounding, you see a lot of desert surrounding the property.  No matter what your feelings are about Caesars Palace, it’s a fact that its an attractive property, past and present versions.