Saturday, January 29, 2022

E-390: Insanely Astute

 Random Vegas

Louie Anderson once lost $80K in an LA card room. That same night he rented a car, drove to Vegas, took out a $2K marker at Bally's, won $110K playing blackjack, tipped the dealer $20K, and flew back to LA to film a TV commercial at 7 am. (@lasvegaslocally)

Twitpic of the week

Debatably the best the Golden Nugget ever looked.  It’s true that its most recent incarnation suits the target market they look to attract but it lost its personality.  It exchanged a vibrant display full of animated neon for a stagnate, poshier exterior.  Today, the only way we can enjoy this exterior is in movies like “Diamonds are Forever” and “Viva Las Vegas”.  Thankfully we have @summacorp's twitter feed to remind us of yesteryear and rejoice.