Saturday, February 1, 2020

E-324: Peaches for You

Random Vegas
The story is legendary.  An FBI plane surveilling Tony Spilatro and friends circled so long that the plane ran out of gas and they had to make an emergency landing on the golf course, crashing into the water hazard.  This week, new owners, looking to better celebrate the history of the course, purchased that plane and reinstalled it into the water hazard permanently ( w/ an assist by Ted Newkirk of Access Vegas)
Twitpic of the week

Favorite part about this picture is the Stardust Easter egg, in my favorite portion of the sign’s animation, the neon outline surrounding each letter, with a black background, clearly distinguishable.  I love LED but nothing is more mesmerizing to watch than animated neon and flashing light bulbs.  That said, I hope some editing was done to this picture to highlight the neon because the pedestrians are really dark at the bottom of the photo.  While I’m not afraid of the dark, I do have to say, in this picture, Westward Ho looks like one of the #1 location to get yourself mugged on the strip; thanks for the heads up @_GrandPaD Between that and bad table beats, no wonder Vegas adopted the free attraction concept.