Saturday, August 24, 2019

E-312: McLean

Random Vegas
Binion’s Horseshoe signage contained 8 miles of neon tubing and 30,000 light bulbs when it was installed in 1961 (Neon Museum)

Twitpic of the week

Have you ever had a metaphor scream at you the moment you saw a picture?  Get ready for that experience.  @classiclasvegas shared a picture of, not only a monumental time in Vegas history, but also a passing of the guard.  Showcased in black and white, add further depth to the allegory, this view of the Mirage, under construction, signals that everything is about to change, radically, in Las Vegas.  Captured off strip, the photo showcases the Sands Cylindrical tower in the foreground.  In the background, the scope of the Mirage project is so great, it seems to engulf the Sands, as if to say, I am the future, prepare for obsoletion.  What was once identified as a Vegas icon looks dated and quant in this picture as evolution happens right across the street.