Saturday, September 29, 2018

E-280: Flat Billed Baseball Hat...Slightly Eschew

Random Vegas
Celine Dion makes $500,000 per show.  For a typical 90-minute show, that' $5,555 a minute (@VitalVegas)
Twitpic of the week

Cynical snarkyness aside, the booze wall at the NoMad bar, shared this week by @EaterVegasis an impressive view.  Overwhelming in scope, the wall of good times glows gold with a seemingly endless variety of options to elevate your Vegas experience despite the glaring omission of bar top gaming.  It's been misunderstood that our incessant critique of Park MGM represented a dislike in the project which is not accurate.  Ours is one of disappointment in the gross over spending on a poorly planned, uninspired idea.  No one will dispute that Monte Carlo was in need of a reimagining.  But when you compare MGMs investment plan to what Caesars did to Imperial Palace, arguably the worst property on the Vegas strip, it's laughable just how foolish the plan of taking a low-end resort and turning it into one that competes with Bellagio and Aria was.  Despite all that, the amazing thing about Vegas is the people it attracts and the inspiration it evokes.  Fortunately, even the current court jester of Vegas CEOs Jim Murren can't bland that down to the infinitely forgettable.