Saturday, September 15, 2018

E-278: 360VV7 Fall 2018

Random Vegas 
Originally in 1989, Stratosphere was only meant to be thousand foot tall neon sign for Bob Stupak's Vegas World.  The concept evolved in 1990 into an observation tower that would be the signature attraction for the property.  It wasn't until Stupak had to bring on Grand Casinos as investment partners to finish the project that the idea of rebranding was introduced.  In 1995, 3 years after construction started on the tower, Vegas World was closed for remodeling and expansion.  It would reopen in 1996 as Stratosphere. 

Twitpic of the Trip 

It comes in waves, the realization that I actually live in Las Vegas and exactly what that means.  For example, as fun and relaxing as 360 Vegas Vacations are, there was always a weighted "To-Do" list that came with them.  What's changed since I was last in Vegas?  What do I need to see and experience? How do I get it all done in the 5-6 days I'm in Vegas?  All that's gone now.  Now it's just an opportunity to hangout with my friends and meet some amazing new ones in the greatest city in the world, aka my home.  It hit me unlike ever before the 1st Saturday following #360VV7, typically more of a lachrymose time as recollections of our latest adventures are still fresh and the countdown to when I can return begins.  This time, I was back on the strip, wandering about, documenting another installment of 360 FHE.  And it hit me...this is your life now.  You never have to leave Vegas again.  You're home.  And no matter what else happens, no matter how dark the corners of your mind become or how trapped you become in them, never forget that you're a two-time life lottery winner.  You got the girl and domestic bliss in Las Vegas.  Then, while looking at the photo captured by official 360 Vegas Vacation photographer @japluto09a mischievous idea came to mind...I'm gonna wreck this fuckin town. 

360VV7 Flickr
360VV7 SmugMug
(@Japluto09 - Official 360VV Photographer)