Saturday, March 24, 2018

E-262: Because My Name is Keren

Random Vegas
The original Eiffel tower is made of wrought iron. The one at Paris hotel and casino is made from welded steel and is structurally stronger. ( 

Twitpic of the week

 It's truly remarkable what Fremont East has evolved itself into.  Especially when you consider there was a time when the Fremont East signage was best used as a warning to pedestrians who may have accidentally wandered too far from the beaten path and almost into a certain mugging.  Today, it's charming, densely populated with a variety of quality food options and bars.  El Cortez is no longer the finish line to safety but a classic Vegas experience.  The repurposed neon enhances the atmosphere now instead of just providing additional exterior lighting to help witnesses identify assailants for later line up recollection.  Say what you will about the cult like atmosphere at Zappos, they did what no one could before them; make Fremont East not only a safe place to visit but a place people want to visit.  Thank you @ElCortezLV for reminding us.