Saturday, March 10, 2018

E-261: Elton John's Asshole Experience

Random Vegas
The Hard Rock Cafe sign, previously located on the corner of Harmon and Paradise Road, is actually a replica of the Who guitarist Pete Townsend's number 9 Gibson (

Twitpic of the week

It looks like a picture you would come across when flipping through an old photo album at your grandparents wake.  A picture with an oddly familiar feeling to it, despite being certain you've never visited this place before.  @summacorp's black and white photo of north strip, circa 1966, showcases a quant version of the city growing into itself after 2 decades of aggressive expansion that saw 16 new properties open on the strip, bookended by the Flamingo in 46 and Caesars Palace in 66.  After this moment in time, the city would take a step back and allow itself to mature its existing portfolio, not seeing a new addition to the skyline until Circus Circus in 72.  The wake metaphor becomes more apropos when you consider none of what you are seeing in this picture exists today.  In fact, minus the two Sahara towers shown here, which are still in use by SLS today, none of these buildings even exist.  If you attempted to replicate this photo today, even those would be gone, obstructed by a giant unfinished blue building surrounded by a parking lot and a lot of undeveloped land. In other words, it's virtually unrecognizable.


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