Saturday, October 21, 2017

E-247: Valvalidity

Random Vegas
The first ground up property Perini Building Company was responsible for building was Bill Bennett’s Luxor.  Some 20 years later, MGM claims Perini is the reason the Harmon had structural defects in it preventing it from ever opening and eventually dismantled. 

Twitpic of the week

I don't know if anything will capture my imagination the way that fuckin' pyramid does.  It's like when you look at a group photo and your 1st instinct is to find yourself in it.  Not only do I think its super cool to look at but when I think about what that property represents in the timeline of my life, it isn't lost on me.  It literally changed my life.  It can be said with no exaggeration that Luxor earmarks one of the most significant events in my entire life and has come to define who I am.  Finding my wife, medicating my emotional distress, finding refuge in the music of Korn when said medication couldn't help and discovering Las Vegas can all be credited with saving me from myself.  The photo @knott46 shared is not only cool, it serves as a metaphor for the moment Vegas called to me from a far, a faint glow on the horizon helping guide me through the darkest corners of my mind.