Saturday, October 14, 2017

E-246: Queen Elizabeth in the Closet

Random Vegas

While drafting up the final deal for MGM to purchase Mirage Resorts, Kirk Kerkorian’s lawyer tried to get him to put a non-compete clause in the agreement; which he responded “absolutely not.   The best thing that could happen to us is that Steve comes back and builds a place across the street”  (Book Winner Takes All)

Twitpic of the week

It's a view we've all enjoyed before in one form or another and is most likely the happy place you go to in your mind when such psychological barriers need to be established.  The view of Vegas at night, it's energy and noise muted by the window in your room, separating you from basking in all it's glory does little to suppress the feeling of excitement attained by simply observing it.  In my experience, the feelings this view stirs up can only be compared to the anticipation you feel just before having sex.  Euphoria brought on by the knowledge that what you are about to experience is the pinnacle of human pleasure.  Thank you @TheLINQ for stirring up such light headed bliss.