Sunday, April 10, 2016

E-196: Fountain of Stupid

Random Vegas
Las Vegas Tourists drank 43.2 million gallons of liquor in 2015, according to LVCVA (@VitalVegas)

Twitpic of the week

Like a scene right out of Ocean’s 11, the original, this week’s winner defines the concept of time machine photography.  Unfettered by the Experience canopy, Fremont’s neon is free to glow forth its majesty against a dark sky backdrop.  No matter what they do to their pool area it will never compete with this sort of poolside eye candy.  While no one can argue this million dollar view better serves her property @plazalasvegas as the restaurant it is today actually earning that name, is there anything more sexy than being barely clothed with a view of Vegas splendor.  I submit that there is not…except maybe people having sex while enjoying the same sort of view.  In that case, I submit that there is one.