Monday, March 7, 2016

E-192: Auxiliary Performance

Random Vegas
The New Frontier Hotel & Casino closed July 16th 2007.  51 years earlier, on that exact date, July 16th, 1956, Elvis Presley performed in Las Vegas for the first time at the Property.  On July 16th 1970, they played host to the final performance of Diana Ross and the Supremes, not only in Vegas, but anywhere.

Twitpic of the week

It’s one of the most iconic properties in Vegas and responsible for the revolution that turned Vegas into the gaming capital of the world, regardless of how much money Macau generates.  The Mirage, her tropical theme and epic volcano are musts sees in Vegas.  The pool, dining and her tri-tower design inspired many copycats to surf in her wake.  Awe Inspiring, classic and sexy.  The Mirage Hotel and Casino brought to you by @RRKS_Official, well brought to you by Steve Wynn and @RRKS_Official took a really cool picture of the property and shared it on twitter.