Monday, August 24, 2015

E-178: Bazaar VD

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Random Vegas
The Las Vegas Club was originally located on the other side of Fremont Street, next to the property no known as La Bayou. (@meltzvegas)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Rob@skyyontherocks Aug 17th review of BRAND Steakhouse @Monte Carlo – 4/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

There was no way a picture of the Las Vegas Club was not going to win this week.  Thankfully @Plazalasvegas shared a picture minus the monstrosity that resides at the end of Fremont now ruining the view.  Never has an 85 year old property been lamented by so few upon the announcement of her closing.  It’s almost as if there was a collective sigh that she was finally being put out of her misery.  Delivered into more capable hands for reincarnation as a property people actually want to spend time in.  My most fitting memory of the Las Vegas Club has to be at 360 Vegas Vacation.  We were at the D, looking for a craps game but alas there were none at the inn.  So the idea came to me, lets go down to the Las Vegas Club.  That place is always dead.  But that allowed us to take over whatever table game we wanted to and we had a blast doing so.  She was metaphorically dead then, now she is actually dead.  Retired to a farm where casinos can run free and play with other casinos like the Mint, the Stardust and the Riviera.