Monday, August 17, 2015

E-177: Redemption

Random Vegas
In 1982 Atlantic City made more than the Vegas Strip in Casino revenue, a trend that continued until the early 90s.

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
No reviews this week and that marks the first time in our shows history that we’ve not had a review to share on the show in back to back weeks.

Twitpic of the week

Ideas are what has made Vegas the place it is today.  Lots of innovative concepts have allowed the city to continue to evolve while markets like Reno and Atlantic City continue to decline in the face of local competition in a world where gambling is no longer looked upon unfavorably.  However some concepts never live up to their potential.  Take the landmark.  The concept sounds cool.  An off strip casino located at the top of the building so guest can enjoy the glorious view while gaming.  However lack of property funding, shitty elevators, an off strip location and making people wait for an elevator so they can start losing money all proved to be the undoing of this property.  This week’s winner by @LasVegas360 of the Landmark, with the reminds us of what could have been.  Here is a little history for you, the only reason the landmark project was finished after it ran out of money was because Howard Hughes bought it when the gaming board wouldn’t let him purchase anymore casinos.  The only reason he finished construction on it was because he wanted to build something in Vegas to compete against Kirk Kerkorian’s International hotel, also under construction and in the shot.  The Landmark was never successful and closed in 1990.  It’s real implosion was documented and used cinematically in Tim Burton’s 1996 move Mars attacks.