Monday, June 8, 2015

360 Vegas Review: BLT Burger @Mirage Spring 2013

In 2008, 4 years after Roy Horn was attacked by a tiger and their show ended, the Mirage decided that it made little sense to have a tiger habitat taking up prime real estate in their property.  Enter ESquared hospitality and their BLT brand of restaurants.

Vegas is a city constantly evolving and experimenting.  When trends prove to be successful, they tend to become waves that wash over the strip, changing the landscape.  Right now, we are coming towards the end of the pizza place wave and are currently in the midst of the retail revolution.  BLT burger started the gourmet burger places evolution into a requirement at a quality Vegas property.

BLT’s modern space, unique burger offerings, large beer on tap & spiked milkshake selection are all part of the template each property uses when building their burger place.  Into their 6th year on the strip, BLT Burger is still considered one of the best in Vegas.

Vegas Mate Rating - 3/5 chips

Mark, Keren & Alastair Rate - 3/5 chips