Sunday, February 8, 2015

E-159: Mid to High Low End

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Random Vegas

If you want to check out the Pawn Stars pawn shop, Access Vegas recommends you go later in the afternoon.  While you won’t run into any of the stars of the show the lines are virtually gone.

Another interesting factoid, they don’t actually film the show in the real shop, they have a duplicate stage on site for that.

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Matt509’s Feb 4th Review of Harrah’s Hotel & Casino – 4/5chips

Twitpic of the week

When you think of the Sands, I’m sure many things come to mind about the “Queen of the Strip” as she was known in 1966.  Most iconic are their marquee signage, the Rat Pack performing in the Copa Room and the 17 story cylindrical hotel tower.  In a world where properties like The Dunes, the Desert Inn and the Sands are only history in my mind because I didn’t visit Vegas until well after these icons were gone, seeing a legend like the Sands, in 1995, located right next door to a property we are all familiar with is a bit surreal.  This week @NeonMuseum shared a photo of exactly that.  The legendary Sands hotel and casino, on the Vegas strip, in all her glory.  Sporting some odd purple hexagon of sorts, which I can only imagine, was an attempt at drawing attention to the entrance of an aging property.  Couple all that with Casino Royale & Denny’s photo bombing just off to the right and suddenly it doesn’t seem like so long ago.  It’s kind of like looking at a picture of you in clothes your parents dressed you in during a decade you have little to no memory of.  This picture will forever help me to place the Sands into my mind as something more real and less dream as it has existed until now.


Coming Attractions

Bad Religion - 4/13-14