Sunday, August 17, 2014

E-142: WarMachine of Love

Random Vegas
It’s impossible to fry an egg on the hood of a car in the heat of a Vegas summer.  It will only ruin the paint on your car (VegasSeven). 

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Pokerbucketlist’s Aug 6th Review of Pin Up Pizza @Planet Hollywood  - 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week

As if Vegas alone wasn’t sexy enough, this week’s winner not only epitomizes two of my favorite things on the planet but may have created arousal overload by combining two quality examples of them in one photo.  This week’s winner is from @JenSelter for a picture of the model, posing in the shadows at what appears to be Venetian or Palazzo, back lit by a view of south east strip including @highrollervegas during mid-day.  The photo uses the backlighting from outside the window to wash the foreground in shadow creating a stunning silhouette of @jenSelter’s figure, causing it to become more metaphorically a representation of the beauty of the female form more than specifically features hers as an individual.  That being said, the form in this photo is showcased in a very flattering two piece bathing suit or bra and panty set, doesn’t really matter, you get the word picture I’m trying to paint for you.  The photo also taps into the erotic imagination of, I can safely assume, the majority of our male, hetero & Lesbian listeners and that is the desire to enjoy coitus while gazing upon the Vegas Strip.  It’s literally the sexiest photo to win Twitpic of the Week and truly art in so many ways.