Sunday, March 30, 2014

E-127: Marley Breading Farm

Random Vegas
The average age of a Vegas visitor is 45 and the average cost of a show ticket is $82.86 (@vitalvegas)

Vegas Mate Review of the Week

Linda’s March 29th Review of Luxor – 5/5 Chips

Twitpic of the week
Chroma key is the hand of god.  That is what I’ve learned this week because our winner, @Ayurkunas, was able to take a picture from the top of Stratosphere, capture the off strip properties to the west of the strip and put circus circus front and center and make it all look elegant.  Yes, circus circus building looks elegant…or as elegant as that building has ever looked before.  That being said, if the strip looked like this, it would have died out years ago because all the uniqueness of each building is lost.  Specifically Rio’s black, red and purple/blue missing from the skyline would be a travesty.  


Access Vegas Coming Attractions

Yes - 8/15   New Kids on the Block - 7/10-13   Katt Williams - 5/25
Tamar Braxton - 6/20   New Kids on the Block -  7/10-13
Katt Williams - 5/25   Tamar Braxton - 6/20  Chelsea Handler - 6/13-14