Saturday, February 8, 2014

E-121: Wookie Entrapment

Random Vegas
High Roller, the worlds largest observation wheel was named the 2014 “World’s Coolest New Tourist Attraction” by Travel and Leisure.

Vegas Mate Review of the Week
Marc’s Feb 5th Review of Tao @Venetian – 5/5 chips

Twitpic of the week
This week’s winner is @CatMason for her collage of Fremont St Signage.  Its been well documented what a freak I am about signage.  She didn’t include all the properties on Fremont St or all the iconic signage but who could.  The whole place is virtually a collection of individual signs merging together like Voltron to make one giant sign.  4 Queens, Golden Nugget Binion’s, Fremont and the D are all featured as well as a few other icons like glitter gulch and Vegas Vicki.  It almost looks like the kind of picture you would see in a brochure advertising Fremont minus the smiling monkeys. It’s a cool photo and now it has me fired up to go to Fremont st the next time we are in Vegas.


Vegas Deals - Aria Resort deal

Access Vegas Coming Attractions

Mastodon - 5/3   Pacquiaovs Bradley 2 - 4/12   Kathleen Madigan - 6/14

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